Was founded in the year of 2015 by the young passionate woman, pianist and singer Stella da Vitoria Nascimento, with the support of her husband Jubert Nascimento and there daughter Deborah Nascimento.

Stella Nascimento came to the United States at 15 years old already with some musical knowledge, that with study and dedication has expanded and culminated in her professionalization.The dream of teaching music began early with the example of her family always involved in the musical arts.

This dream became a reality when STELLARTS MUSIC SCHOOL opened in the city of Malden MA. In less than one year the school had reached the number of 100 students. We started with an excellent lay out place well-equipped with 10 classrooms, teachers active in the Boston music scene, as well as an affordable and flexible plan for all those who dream of playing an instrument.STELLARTS aims to enhance the musicality of the individual in the surrounding community of Boston. This school is for all ages and nationalities. Our school is populated by students with a diverse ethic background and every one is more than welcome to join.


We are a school of modern and classical music, with great teachers qualified and specialized in music education, with extensive operations in the musical market.We offer a cozy and modern environment with over 9 classrooms, fully equipped to make the learning process pleasing to the student and teacher.

As well as a lounge for parents to wait and relax while classes take place. The founding principal of the school is to give every one the right to be connected to high quality music, through individual and group classes, design to meet the student’s musical goal. Also through courses and music programs such as workshops and concerts, all in a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

STELLARTS is a school designed to meet the real needs of each student, whether as a hobby, music therapy, learning to help the church or professionalization.